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Why Your Property Manager Should be a NARPM Member

This blog is coming to you from the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia, where the Moxie Property Management team is attending the National Association of Residential Property Management annual convention. That really long association title is something we simply call NARPM. We want to talk to you about why NARPM is so important to the property management industry, and why your property manager should be a member of NARPM, no matter where in the United States you happen to be. (more…)

Tenant Eviction in Fort Worth, TX – What to Do When My Tenant Stops Paying Rent

Today we’re tackling the very taboo subject of evictions. At Moxie Property Management, we have some bragging rights when it comes to evictions. In the last two years, we have filed only two evictions on tenants we have placed in properties. We credit our low eviction rate to the fact that the application screening process is very thorough. When owners call and their immediate concern is evictions and they worry about the number of evictions they’ve had at their own property in the last couple of years, I really start to question their screening process and whether it’s thorough. If you don’t weed out the bad apples in the beginning, you’re probably placing a bad tenant in the property from day one and that’s naturally going to turn into a problem. (more…)

Should I Allow Pets in My Home? Fort Worth Property Management

One of the very first topics we often talk about with new clients is pets. Sometimes, property owners have a bad experience with a tenant who had pets and the torn up carpets or damaged walls have left a bad taste in their mouth. They kind of swing to the other end of the pendulum and they don’t want to accept any pets ever. (more…)

Why Should I Use a Professional Property Manager for My Fort Worth Rental Property?

In our blog today, we are reviewing a few of the reasons you might want to start using a professional management company. If you’re currently using a property manager and you’re not happy with them, you’re probably calling around to find a company that fits your needs a little better. If you’re self managing, you might get to a point where changes in your lifestyle or the addition of new properties to your portfolio are causing you to realize that property management is a full time job. You have to be committed to treating it like a full time job, or important things will get missed. (more…)

Fort Worth Property Management Laws and Regulations – Professional Advice for Homeowners

Today our topic is property codes and how they apply to property owners in Texas and the immediate Dallas/Fort Worth area. I’m always amazed when I talk to property owners who have been self managing their rentals for some time without really understanding the codes and laws. In Texas, we have a strong property code that outlines what’s required for rental properties. For example, security devices are specifically mentioned, and there are a number of types of security devices that must be in the property, whether it’s a single family residence or a multi-family building. When I come across self managed properties that don’t have these devices, it’s a little scary. Some of these laws have been on the books for almost 20 years now. So if you’re self managing in Texas, it’s a good idea to read the property code sometime soon. (more…)

Why Work with Moxie Property Management

In this introductory blog, we want to let you know who we are and what we’re about at Moxie Property Management. We are led by two owners: Angela Gonzalez, the lead property manager and Erin Landis, who handles the office and day to day operations of the business. Angela has been in property management for her whole life; it’s been her career path. Erin has been in the field for the last 12 years, starting off in property management accounting. (more…)

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