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Fort Worth Property Management Laws and Regulations – Professional Advice for Homeowners

Today our topic is property codes and how they apply to property owners in Texas and the immediate Dallas/Fort Worth area. I’m always amazed when I talk to property owners who have been self managing their rentals for some time without really understanding the codes and laws. In Texas, we have a strong property code that outlines what’s required for rental properties. For example, security devices are specifically mentioned, and there are a number of types of security devices that must be in the property, whether it’s a single family residence or a multi-family building. When I come across self managed properties that don’t have these devices, it’s a little scary. Some of these laws have been on the books for almost 20 years now. So if you’re self managing in Texas, it’s a good idea to read the property code sometime soon.

Security Requirements

Security features that you must include are things such as keyless deadbolts on exterior doors, locking devices that are specific for sliding glass patio doors, door viewers on exterior doors and of course smoke detectors. Having this basic information will go a long way to keep you in compliance.

State and Local Requirements

Like many metro areas, DFW is comprised of a number of smaller cities and municipalities. Each of these smaller towns addresses rental properties in their own unique way. Some of them don’t care if you have a rental and they treat all properties the same; whether you’re living in the house or renting it out. Others areas have some pretty strict ordinances when it comes to rental properties. Some local laws require you to register with the city and others enforce a system of annual inspections. Sometimes, you will need to make your property available for inspection Fort Worth Property Management Laws and Regulations – Professional Advice for Homeownersevery time a tenant changes. To pass that inspection, you will need some specific things in the home.

These requirements change from city to city so if you’re an investor and you want to expand your portfolio into the DFW area, and you have questions about what’s required, contact us at Moxie Property Management, and we’d be happy to share information with you. We are up to date at the state level and the local level.

Posted by: Moxie Property Management on July 28, 2015
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