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Tenant Screening in Fort Worth, TX – How to Find Great Tenants for your Rental Property

Today we’re talking about tenant screening and how that happens here at Moxie Property Management. The most important thing about our applications is that they are all done online. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, we use technology every time we can, and it starts with applications.

The applications are submitted through our website. Prospective tenants can upload supporting documents and they can also pay the application fee online. This means there is no waiting to get all the information together. It’s a more efficient process; agents don’t have to drive applications to us from across town and applicants don’t have to leave things in a drop box. No one has to fax anything.

As soon as we get an application, we begin the screening process. We can get the criminal and credit checks back right away, even on holidays and weekends. With that information, we immediately know if we need to go any further. Then we submit for a rental history from current and prior landlords. That request for information will be at their desks the next business day.

While we’re waiting for the rental history to come back, we take another step which has become a pretty valuable part of our process. We check all social media outlets. Any public information that we find is compared to the information we have been given. It’s astounding what we can uncover about people this way. Dogs that aren’t mentioned are discovered, we find some potential tenants have multiple cats they didn’t tell us about, and there are even spouses that weren’t on an application but would be occupying the property. All sorts of things come up that people may have been trying to hide.

Tenant Screening in Fort Worth, TX – How to Find Great Tenants for your Rental PropertyWe are very thorough when we screen. We take the time to look for discrepancies in what is provided on an application, what we get from background and credit reports and what we see on social media. It’s important to identify these little white lies. For example, perhaps we’ll find addresses on credit reports that aren’t on the application. We follow up with the applicants and find out what the issue is. If there’s a little white lie somewhere in the process, it usually turns out to be hiding a big problem.

If you have any questions about tenant screening and the process we follow, please contact us at Moxie Property Management.

Posted by: Moxie Property Management on July 21, 2015
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